Corporate Message

Onward, supported by trust

If our foothold is unstable, we can’t stand firm.
If a surface is too soft, we can’t stay on our feet.
Jumping high or running fast requires solid ground.

We believe it’s the same when we’re trying something new.
Starting from solid ground enables us
to commit ourselves fully to challenges.

We’ve operated our business,
aiming to address society’s needs
Our efforts have earned trust that supports us
as we dedicate ourselves to new challenges.

To see what nobody else has seen, we have to jump high;
to spearhead a new age, we have to run faster than the others.
We will continue to go beyond non-ferrous metals,
pushing onward as a value-creating solution provider
supported by the trust we earn from the public.


We share the same management principles and activity guidelines as the Sumitomo Corporation Group. This has not changed. However, the business environment surrounding us is changing significantly for our historical businesses and new businesses transferred from Sumitomo Corporation contribute to expand the products range and the fields we handle. In response to such dramatic changes, we have revamped our corporate identity, which forms the basis for our policies and what kind of company we want to be.

Returning to the commitment embedded in our compnay name, we have formulated the following four statements to instill in all employees a corporate identity that fits our history and current circumstances, a vision of where we want to be in the future, and the values we should adhere to on our way there.


    Wielding an outstanding customer and supplier base, and the inquiring minds of each employee, we are a solution provider that creates value beyond non-ferrous metals.


    We contribute to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals and work to achieve an environmentally friendly, enriching future by exploring cutting-edge technologies and designs that are based on metallic materials, and promoting the widespread use of the resulting products.


    We strive to become an industry-leading company that creates new ICT-based business models, where every employee embodies Metalex Values and anticipates changes in the environment.


    Credibility & Reliability: We comply with laws and regulations, and maintain the highest ethical standards.

    Passion & Determination: We have the passion to keep taking on challenges without fear of failure.

    Curiosity: We believe curiosity is the source of new added value.

    Speed: We have the capability to quickly make decisions and act on them.

    Solidarity: Every individual and organization coordinates and cooperates with each other.

    Ownership & Responsibility: We always take responsibility and ownership for our actions.

    Autonomy: Everyone demonstrates leadership by example.

    Diversity: We embrace diverse values and behavior patterns.

Our Strengths

Creating value beyond non-ferrous  
metals as a solution provider

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