Activities Addressing CSR

Activities Addressing CSR

The Sumitomo Corporation Group acknowledges the need to further improve the quality of its social resposibility (CSR) activities and promote them in a systematic and organized manner in light of CSR-related changes in the external business environment and the increasing demand for corporations to act in a socially responsible way. As such, we have reviewed the status of our ongoing initiatives based on ISO 26000, the international standard on CSR, to identify priority issues and have launched step-by-step improvement efforts.

CSR Action Guidelines for Supply Chain Management

The Sumitomo Corporation Group has established CSR Action Guidelines for Supply Chain Management. By implementing the guidelines, we are aiming to achieve a sustainable society by working together with our suppliers and business partners in order to achieve responsible value chain management in areas, such as strict compliance with laws and regulations, respect for human rights, and protection of the environment.

The Sumitomo Corporation Group CSR Action Guidelines for Supply Chain Management

The Sumitomo Corporation Group aims to be a global organization that, by constantly going ahead of the times, strives to achieve prosperity and realize the dreams of all our stakeholders through sound business activities in strict adherence to our Corporate Mission Statement. Thus, the Group maintains the management style in which prime importance is given to integrity and sound management as a defender of human dignity.To promote sustainability and social well-being in accordance with our mission, the Sumitomo Corporation Group has established these CSR Action Guidelines for Supply Chain Management.
With a view to further strengthen the global relations which form one of the foundations of our core competance of integrated corporate strength, we request our suppliers and business partners to accept, understand and practice these guidelines so that we cam together achieve responsible value chain management.
Our suppliers and business partners are expected to:

  • 1. Respect human rights and not to be complicit in human rights abuses.
  • 2. Prevent forced labor, child labor and payment of unfair low wages.
  • 3. Not engage in discriminatory employment practices.
  • 4. Respect the rights of employees to associate freely in order to ensure open and fair negotiations between labor and management.
  • 5. Provide employees with safe and healthy work environments.
  • 6. Protect the global environment and give due consideration to biodiversity.
  • 7. Ensure the quality and safety of products and services.
  • 8. Ensure fair business transactions, to abide by all applicable laws, rules and regulations, and to prevent extortion, bribery and all other forms of corrupt business practices.
  • 9. Ensure appropriate information security management.
  • 10. Cooperate with members of local host communities and contribute to the sustainable regional development.
  • 11. Disclose information regarding the above in a manner both timely and appropriate.

Established on November 2009
Revised on November 2013


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