Photovoltaic Power Generator for Household, Public and Industrial Use


Photovoltaic power generation is a system to convert sunlight directly to electricity by utilizing photovoltaic cells. Sunlight is renewable energy that will never deplete, unlike oil and natural gas. So, this clean energy best suits Japan, which is scarce of resouces and has limited land. Focusing on this domestically-available environmet-friendly new energy, we are engaged in activities to disseminate and promote photovoltaic power generators for household, public and industrial use.

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Photovoltaic Power Generating System for Household and Public Use

We offer photovoltaic power generating systems for household, public and industrial use. Ranging from estimation of system design to arrangement of products sourced from Japanese and other manufacturers, we are prepared to make proposals in accordance with your particular needs.

Photovoltaic power generating system for household use

Asahi New Industrial Park

Mega-float on a regulation pond in Kawagoe City

Other Products
  • Photovoltaic panel
  • Power conditioner
  • Mounting system
  • Power receiving and transforming equipment
  • Monitoring system

Photovoltaic Cell Products

  • Parts and Materials for Photovoltaic Panel

  • Photovoltaic power generator for household, public and industrial use

  • Battery Systems

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  • Solar Photovoltaics

  • Rechargeable Batteries

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Electronic Devices and Materials

  • Base Materials and Fabricated Products of Aluminum and others

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