Raw Materials and Manufacturing Equipments for Batteries


The battery market has been expanding as the demand in equipment use (smart phone, tablet PCs., etc.) and automobile use (EV, PHEV., etc.) is rising. Sumisho Metalex handles materials, components and manufacturing machineries for rechargeable battery products. As a comprehensive solution provider, we provide not only materials and equipments for battery manufacturing, but also finished products as required. We are proud of being complimented by our customers, saying "When it comes to batteries, count on Sumisho Metalex."We will continue to provide better proposals to our customers to meet their needs.

Main Products

Nickel hydroxide

Hydrogen storing alloy

Battery case


Other Products
  • Positive-electrode material
  • Negative-electrode material
  • Cu foil, Al foil for power collector
  • Separator
  • Binder
  • Case material
  • Mixer
  • Coating machine (Coater)
  • Slitter
  • Winder
  • NMP recovery unit

Rechargeable Battery Products

  • Raw materials and manufacturing equipment for battery

Our Business

  • Solar Photovoltaics

  • Rechargeable Batteries

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Electronic Devices and Materials

  • Base Materials and Fabricated Products of Aluminum and others

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