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Thermal control technology utilizing heat exchangers is indispensable for our daily life since it is used in various fields of industry and society, such as aircrafts, iron works, semiconductor manufacturing plants, LNG bases, railcars, fuel cells, just to name a few. In response to customers' needs in Japan and abroad, Sumisho Metalex provides solutions for heat exchangers and their peripheral devices.

Main Products

Heat Exchangers for Industrial Gas and LNG Plants

For the industrial gas, heat exchangers are widely used in many places including metal refining plants, chemical plants, food-processing plants and semiconductor manufacturing plants. In LNG plants, heat exchangers are required to liquify and vaporize natural gas, which is nowadays an indispensable energy source for our community and industries. In the industrial fields, Sumisho Metalex supplies products of high quality as well as high reliability, and has been expanding its business worldwide.

Heat exchanger for cryogenic industry

Heat exchanger for petrochemical plants

Aluminum heat exchanger for cryogenic industry

General-purpose aluminum heat exchangers

Heat Exchangers for Railcars and Industrial Equipments

In the railcar sector, heat exchangers are used for domestic and overseas railcars including Shinkansen for semiconductor device cooler, transformer oil cooler and airconditioning so as to maintain safety, reliability and amenity. Heat exchangers are also widely used in industrial equipmemts such as coolers for lubricant oil and hydraulic actuation oil. In responce to a wide range of applications, Sumisho Metalex offers small-size heat exchangers with high efficiency and high cost-performance.


Oil cooler for industrial machinery

Oil cooler for Shinkansen

IGBT cooler

Heat Exchangers for Fuel Cells and Cogeneration

Fuel cells derived from hydrogen and oxygen are a power generating system for the next generation. Cogeneration system utilizing exhaust heat is a power generating system to enhance energy efficiency. Both systems are recently attracting attention as environment-friendly. Within and outside of Japan, Sumisho Metalex extensively handles small-size stainless heat exchangers with high heat resistance and high efficiency.

Stainless heat exchanger for fuel cells

Stainless heat exchanger

Plant Peripheral Equipments

As part of plant peripheral equipments, we handle claded plates made by explosive bonding method. In particular, we handle transition joints for Japanese and overseas gas plants. These joints include stainless pipes suited for cryogenic fluids (LNG, liquified nitrogen, etc.) and corrosion-resistant aluminum pipes, and these two materials are connected by explosion bonding process to form an integral structure.

Heat exchanger product

Clad material for heat exchanger products

Heat Exchanger Products

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