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Copper tubes and aluminum finstocks are widely used in heat exchangers for air-conditioners because of their high thermal conductivity. Day-to-day technological innovations make a large contribution to higher performance of air-conditioners. Sumisho Metalex supplies the components not only to Japanese customers but to overseas customers through the Sumitomo Corporation Group's worldwide networks.

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Precoated finstocks for heat exchangers are excellent in workability, hydrophilicity and corrosion-resistance.

Copper Tube

Inner-grooved copper tube helps improve energy saving of heat exchangers and contributes to downsizing.

Copper coil tube for air conditioner

Various copper tubes for air conditioner

All Aluminum Heat Exchanger

All-aluminum heat exchanger is made by assembling aluminum heat-transfer tubes with aluminum fins; this combination enables improvement of the heat conductivity efficiency of the heat exchanger. This technology is attracting attention from the air-conditioning industry worldwide as it contributes cost reduction of materials as well as weight saving and downsizing of heat exchangers.

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