Components for X-Ray Diagnostic Imaging Equipment for Medical Use


Sumisho Metalx exports X-ray tubes for X-ray irradiation and detectors for converting X-ray to visual images. They are both key components for X-ray diagnostic imaging Equipment for medical use.

Main Products

X-ray tubes

We have a line-up of rotating-anode X-ray tube products for medical use ranging from general disgnosticcs and mammography through angiography and computed tomography,which demand paticularly small focal spots and high power., with new technologies.We also supply stationary anode X-ray tubes for Intraoral and Panoramic/Cephalo application in dental field.

X-ray Tube Assemblies for General Radiography and Fuoroscopy

X-ray Tube Assemblies for Angiography Systems

X-ray Tube Assemblies for Mammography Systems

Dental X-ray tubes (Intraoral)

Dental X-ray tubes (Panoramic/Cephalo)

X-ray Image Intensifiers

X-ray Image intensifiers are used for fluoroscopy and digital radiography in the medical diagnosis with screen sizes varying from 4 inchs to 16 inchs. We supply a wide range of camera systems with specific application.

Flat Panel Detectors

Flat Panel Detector (FPD) for digital radiographic applications has high sensitivity, high resolution, low noise and superior image quality. Excellent diagnostic images contributes lower radiation dose to the patient.

惻Static Flat Panel Detectors

惻Dynamic Flat Panel Detectors

惻Mobile Flat Panel Detectors

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