Base Materials and Fabricated Products of Aluminum and Other Light Metals


Keeping pace with development of the information-oriented community, the market of precision products for IT devices, displays, etc. is steadily expanding. Various nonferrous metal materials are used in precision products. Through the long history of our nonferrous metals business, Sumisho Metalex has established networks to adequately obtain information on cutting-edge technology and up-to-date market information. By utilizing the networks and in coopperation with the Sumitomo Corporation's coil centers located across the world, we provide customers with total solutions.

Main Products

Heatsink Products

Heatsink is a radiator utilizing aluminum's high thermal conductivity and is used to cool IT devices and control apparatuses, for which the heatsink is indispensable to prevent them from losing reliability and performance at a time of temperature rise.

Heatsink (fabricated product)

Materials for electronic components

Pressed Aluminum Products

For manufacturing industries of automotives, home appliances and electronic products, press work is indispensable to maintain stable quality, better productivity and cost reduction, whether small-lot or mass production. Sumsho Metalex handles a wide variety of items ranging from base materials to pressed products that meet the customer needs.

LNG Tank Components

Demand for LNG is rapidly increasing. Sumisho Metalex engages in the contract manufacturing of various components for LNG tanks. In accordance with your requirements, we will make fabrication of deck components and welding assembly of metal stairs.

Nickel Metal

In the resouce business field, Sumisho Metalex handles nickel metal, which is a valuable metal used for various pouposes such as the manufacture of coins at the mint, the surface treatment of electronics components, etc.

Source: Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.

Base Materials and Fabricated Products of Aluminum and Others

  • Base Materials and Fabricated Products of Aluminum and Other Light Metals

  • Building Materials

  • Transportation Vehicle Components

  • Fire Prevention/Fire Extinguishing Eequipments

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  • Base Materials and Fabricated Products of Aluminum and others

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