Fire Prevention/Fire Extinguishing Equipments


Under the slogan of creating a secure and safe living environment, Sumisho Metalex sells high-quality fire-prevention equipments that are effectively used to prevent and extinguish fire. Our main products are ELMEX-SP fire extinguishing piping, crashproof head, and SUS fire extinguising piping made by an overseas manufacturer. Many other fire-fighting equipments are also available.

Main Products

ELMEX-SP Frie Extingushing Piping

ELMEX-SP is an integrated structure consisting of two-layered cross-linked polyethylene pipes and electrically bonded joints. This high-quality product is prefabricated in our factory and delivered to your job sites.

Fire Extinguishing Equipments

We handle equipments (head, alarm valve, etc.) and piping materials (ELMEX, Sprinkler Flexible Hose, etc.) used for fire extinguishing equipment systems that automatically detect and extinguish fire so as to achieve an early-stage extinction, and for indoor fire hydrant systems to manually extinguish fires with a hose and a nozzle stored inside a hydrant box, thereby extensively responding to customers' requirements.

Enclosed-type sprinkler head (Class 1 high-sensitivity type)

Flowing water detector for apartment houses

SP flexible joint

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